Monday, March 23, 2015

Tessa Clogs Introduces Man Clog Monday

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pink Vail and Tessa Clogs, Pink Clogs on SALE!

    Yesterday the mountain was filled with people wearing crazy outfits accessorized with pink boas, pink pants, and pink wigs. Pink Vail is a day to ski and raise awareness and raise money to contribute to patient care and survivor programs. With over 1,500 participants raising approximately $465,000 from 3,855 donors. Check out Tessa Clogs, Swedish Clog Cabin items to help you get prepared for the next Pink Vail, and Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. We now have some Dark Rose, and Hot Pink Clogs on sale now.
Sporting Pink Clogs; Julie Design on Dark Rose, Mens Patent, SALE Hot Pink Clogs, Dark Rose Clog
Second Image: Pink High Heel, SALE Hot Pink, Dark Rose, Julie Design, Snap-Straps
Womens Hand painted Clogs, Mens Clogs, Brown Asha Skirt and High heel Clogs, Mens Hand painted Clogs
    I had a few important visitors yesterday who took advantage of Tessa Clogs many styles and even Mens clogs. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your Sanita Clogs, and Tessa Snap-Straps!
- M

Monday, March 9, 2015

New Colorful Items from Dub & Drino

Dub & Drino is a specialist sock company that has been designing and making socks for almost 200 years. The fun trims will look great peeking out from boots, making your winter wardrobe more interesting. Check out the leg warmers that can double as arm warmers. On days when the sun shines and the temperatures rise, having a pair of arm warmers in your purse or bag help keep you warm when nighttime arrives.
Dub & Drino at Tessa Clogs

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Get 20% Off a New Pair of Tessa Clogs

We want to see photos or our customers wearing their Tessa Clogs on Facebook. To receive a 20% off coupon, that can be used online for a full price pair of Tessa Clogs, follow these simple steps:
1) Take a photo of you and your Tessa Clogs and upload to Facebook
2) Tag Tessa Clogs

3) Like us!
Don't forget to share our post, so your friends don't miss out on this special offer!

* Offer expires 4/15/2015, coupon expires 10/15/2015. Valid on full price Tessa Clogs purchased online only.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Lele Knits and Tessa Clogs Newest Items

    When you experience days of blue skies and sunshine, the best way to take advantage is to be outside. I grab some ground beef, buns, and condiments, to meet my friends in Blue Sky Basin. Bluebird days are meant for grilling out and making memories. This sunny weather can only last so long..snow is in the forecast.
Lele Hat and Arm Warmers
   Just in time for a big winter snowstorm forecast, new items from Lele Knits. Hand-knit, hand-embroidered, and hand-loomed these designs by Debra Belk are inspired by her Lithuanian heritage. Debra uses a blend of cotton and linen to give you warmth during the cold season. Weather wearing her leg warmers, arm warmers, or one of her many fun skirt designs, Lele Knits are unique pieces that make a statement and keep you cozy.
Lele Knits and Tessa Clogs

 If you are over the snow, and looking for more sunny days, then take a look at our newest sandals. Tessa has chosen some new leather for this summer, including pink, green, and yellow. The leather has a lizard embossed texture. The new sandal designs come in Ultimate High as well as High Heel. You also have the option to opt for the Scalloped edge, which Tessa cuts out by hand, or the regular raw edge. 
Natural Life Blouse, Desigual Pants, Ultime High Sandal, and High Heel Sandal
Stop by our store on your way down from the slopes, and check out our other new items!


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lessons from a Mountain Loving Local Freak

I am an old local - I can admit that - well, the old thing is still a bit hard to say but 20 years living in a ski town now gives me bar stool status.  Does being an old local give me wisdom?  No.  Years of living in a mountain town does provide me with a bit of knowledge that I am happy to pass on.

Skiing has taught me how important quality of life, where you live and who your friends are.
typing it out, real men wear Tessa Clogs
Quality of Life
Balance is what I think about in a quality of life.  Today - Thursday, February 26, 2015 - was a 9" new powder day.  You ask what does this have to do with quality of life - for all of us hard charging, crusty locals it means you get up early and SKI.  I put a sign up today at Swedish Clog Cabin with an 11:30 opening time.  What made me smile today, I had a customer waiting for me at 11:30 and asked how was the skiing.  He understood that there is a time to work and a time to play.  We all need to realize this and try to keep the balance.  Today - the powder rule was in effect so work just had to wait.

Where you live
I love living in a mountain town:  8,000 feet tall with our bodies full of red blood cells, shoveling piles of snow, smiling, working, raising a family, teaching our children how to pee in the woods, be independent and have neighbors that get that.  Skiing right too and out our front door this location is one that make happiness explode in your face and work is a happy word.

Who your Friends are
I got your back means a lot here in the mountains.  It could be climbing, skiing, biking or kayaking - if something bad happens, your friends are the ones that make sure you are getting home that night, safe and sound.  We trust our friends with our lives.  I love that we can have a dinner party and then those same friends can be checking our avalanche beacons on a back country run.  

Of course my ramblings above are just those of a duct taped ski pant local.  My mantra of life as you understand could be slanted to living in NYC or Omaha, NE.

What is the point of this blog - WEAR TESSA CLOGS OF COURSE.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Where are you and your Tessa Clogs?

I'm sure that there are wonderful locations that you and your Tessa Clogs have visited.  Send us your photos wearing Tessa Clogs - we will honor a 20% discount off a new pair for every photo that we can put up on our web site or blog - so get those photos to us NOW. Post them in the comments section on our Facebook page.

Just to give you an idea of what we are looking for - here are some silly photos of myself around town wearing my Tessa Clogs

top of Born Free Express Chair Lift Vail Mountain - it felt great getting the ski boots off for this photo shoot 
Photo: Where are you and your Tessa Clogs?  Mine are in Vail, Colorado sitting outside at Bart & Yeti's.  Show us where you and your Tessa Clogs are!
lounging and having a beer of course, out side Bart & Yeti's in Vail 
Speaking of visiting and wearing Tessa Clogs - they truly are The Travel Shoe.  With traveling what could be easier at security then slipping off your Tessa Clogs and putting them right back on after the xray machine.  Yes - Tessa Clogs are the travel shoe.

Send us your photos, post them in the comments section on our Facebook page!  Cheers