Monday, March 2, 2015

Lele Knits and Tessa Clogs Newest Items

    When you experience days of blue skies and sunshine, the best way to take advantage is to be outside. I grab some ground beef, buns, and condiments, to meet my friends in Blue Sky Basin. Bluebird days are meant for grilling out and making memories. This sunny weather can only last so long..snow is in the forecast.
Lele Hat and Arm Warmers
   Just in time for a big winter snowstorm forecast, new items from Lele Knits. Hand-knit, hand-embroidered, and hand-loomed these designs by Debra Belk are inspired by her Lithuanian heritage. Debra uses a blend of cotton and linen to give you warmth during the cold season. Weather wearing her leg warmers, arm warmers, or one of her many fun skirt designs, Lele Knits are unique pieces that make a statement and keep you cozy.
Lele Skirt and Leg Warmers
  If you are over the snow, and looking for more sunny days, then take a look at our newest sandals. Tessa has chosen some new leather for this summer, including pink, green, and yellow. The leather has a lizard embossed texture. The new sandal designs come in Ultimate High as well as High Heel. You also have the option to opt for the Scalloped edge, which Tessa cuts out by hand, or the regular raw edge. 
Natural Life Blouse, Desigual Pants, Ultime High Sandal, and High Heel Sandal
Stop by our store on your way down from the slopes, and check out our other new items!


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lessons from a Mountain Loving Local Freak

I am an old local - I can admit that - well, the old thing is still a bit hard to say but 20 years living in a ski town now gives me bar stool status.  Does being an old local give me wisdom?  No.  Years of living in a mountain town does provide me with a bit of knowledge that I am happy to pass on.

Skiing has taught me how important quality of life, where you live and who your friends are.
typing it out, real men wear Tessa Clogs
Quality of Life
Balance is what I think about in a quality of life.  Today - Thursday, February 26, 2015 - was a 9" new powder day.  You ask what does this have to do with quality of life - for all of us hard charging, crusty locals it means you get up early and SKI.  I put a sign up today at Swedish Clog Cabin with an 11:30 opening time.  What made me smile today, I had a customer waiting for me at 11:30 and asked how was the skiing.  He understood that there is a time to work and a time to play.  We all need to realize this and try to keep the balance.  Today - the powder rule was in effect so work just had to wait.

Where you live
I love living in a mountain town:  8,000 feet tall with our bodies full of red blood cells, shoveling piles of snow, smiling, working, raising a family, teaching our children how to pee in the woods, be independent and have neighbors that get that.  Skiing right too and out our front door this location is one that make happiness explode in your face and work is a happy word.

Who your Friends are
I got your back means a lot here in the mountains.  It could be climbing, skiing, biking or kayaking - if something bad happens, your friends are the ones that make sure you are getting home that night, safe and sound.  We trust our friends with our lives.  I love that we can have a dinner party and then those same friends can be checking our avalanche beacons on a back country run.  

Of course my ramblings above are just those of a duct taped ski pant local.  My mantra of life as you understand could be slanted to living in NYC or Omaha, NE.

What is the point of this blog - WEAR TESSA CLOGS OF COURSE.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Where are you and your Tessa Clogs?

I'm sure that there are wonderful locations that you and your Tessa Clogs have visited.  Send us your photos wearing Tessa Clogs - we will honor a 20% discount off a new pair for every photo that we can put up on our web site or blog - so get those photos to us NOW. Post them in the comments section on our Facebook page.

Just to give you an idea of what we are looking for - here are some silly photos of myself around town wearing my Tessa Clogs

top of Born Free Express Chair Lift Vail Mountain - it felt great getting the ski boots off for this photo shoot 
Photo: Where are you and your Tessa Clogs?  Mine are in Vail, Colorado sitting outside at Bart & Yeti's.  Show us where you and your Tessa Clogs are!
lounging and having a beer of course, out side Bart & Yeti's in Vail 
Speaking of visiting and wearing Tessa Clogs - they truly are The Travel Shoe.  With traveling what could be easier at security then slipping off your Tessa Clogs and putting them right back on after the xray machine.  Yes - Tessa Clogs are the travel shoe.

Send us your photos, post them in the comments section on our Facebook page!  Cheers

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Limited Edition Clogs for Men and Women

Tessa Clog's Natural Life, and Limited Edition Petra Design
    Tessa heading to the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair, also known as CIFF. She has created a limited edition clog, the Petra, just for the occasion. The Petra design in inspired by the traditional kurbitz design, the technique usually found on dala horses. Tessa will be representing her original designs and handmade clogs in Copenhagen from Thurs, Jan 29, through Sunday, Feb 1. If you are one of our supporters overseas, stop by the CIFF, and see Tessa and Mimmi at booth C2-037, in the Future/Classic segment.
Tessa Clog's Natural Life
     Also represented in at CIFF, Tessa Clog's Natural Life products. Natural Life makes free spirit treasures with a positive vibe, that inspire people to give and live happy! The bohemian inspired clothing and accessories pair well with Tessa Clogs.
Limited Edition World Championship Clogs
     Coming up, in just 8 days, the 2015 World Alpine Championships, hosted in Vail and Beaver Creek. Tessa has debuted an already popular design, that is also for sale for a limited time. The Design is available in men's, women's, and children's. Tessa has painted the limited edition design on the Navy Blue, and Black Oil, traditional heeled clogs. If you are interested in getting a custom design or an original Tessa Design on a different color, feel free to give us a shout. Reach at the Swedish Clog Cabin Store, (970)476-8083, or online at

- M

Sunday, December 28, 2014

3 Awesome Things at Tessa Clogs!

First Awesome Thing: Glogg

    It was great celebrating this Christmas making turns on the fresh snow, in Blue Sky on Vail Mountain. The sky was bluebird in the morning and quickly turned into a flurry by the evening, leaving new deep powder for the next day. It was nice coming off the mountain and enjoying a nice warm cup of mulled wine. I had never tried Glogg before, and thought it would compliment the menu for my holiday party. We added some red wine, let simmer, then added some brandy, this simple and delicious mixture was a hit. Glogg is now my staple for cold weather dinners, and my go-to on these cold, snowy evenings.
Second Awesome Thing: Custom Jewelry
    Tessa recently dropped off some more items to add to the collection of hand stamped charms. I have been working on getting different combinations online, as well as individual charms to personalize your own jewelry. The hand stamped charms are created in Minturn, CO - the same spot that Tessa customizes her unique clogs. The ability to choose your own charms, made this a thoughtful and popular gift this holiday.
Third Awesome Thing: Sale Items
    We have just updated our inventory of sale items. Check out new markdowns from clothing brands, including Desigual, Van Deurs, and Asha. Clogs on sale include the popular Extreme High Red Lily Sandal and the High Heel Natural Cow.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gift Ideas at Swedish Clog Cabin- God Jul

We have just recieved a shipment of Swedish goods, just in time for the holidays! If you have never tried some of the treats in the store, you can also order them online. My favorite, Ballerina Cookies, are white and chocolate cookies, with hazelnut cream inside. Also, enjoy a warm glass of Glogg, a mixture of spices to add your favorite libation.Here are some gift ideas from the Swedish Clog Cabin.
Tomte, Dala Horse Cookie Cutter, Swedish Book, Glogg
     After recently moving, I decided to give myself a few things to make my home more välkommen. Eklund Linens, Dala Horse cookie cutters, traditional ornaments, and bearded Tomte figures add a warm touch. As stocking stuffers for my roommates, I am going to customize a charm bracelet, the charms are hand-stamped by Tessa in Minturn, Co.  Last year I gave my mom clogs, this year I will send her some new snap straps, a custom Dala Horse, and of course chocolate! Some Knee High Wool socks will keep me warm, and pair well with the Traditional Heel Stapled Clogs.
Snap Straps, Custom Dala Horse, Swedish Chocolate, Wool Socks, Black Oil Stapled Clogs

Have a Merry Holiday Season!
From the Swedish Clog Cabin Family


Friday, November 14, 2014

New Season, New Clogs, New Employee

We are beginning another chapter here at Swedish Clog Cabin / Tessa Clogs.  Snow is falling - about time - last week I was riding my bike - this week - 15+ inches of snow.  Loving it!

Vail Mountain opens on Friday, November 21 and we, Swedish Clog Cabin will then be open daily.

We welcome Julie aboard - she hails from MI and will be helping us out on weekends this winter.  If you are in the area stop by and say hi (and of course spend some money!)

Julie is wearing our Tessa Ultimate High Brown Oil Clogs

Sanita Sandra Boot-stone in waxed suede
Sanita Lara Boot-antique brown in full grain leather

We are receiving daily new product and we will be trying to keep this blog (which I know that sometimes we are lacking on) updated with what is new starting with these Sanita Boots.